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This stage, used in The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and many more movies since, is part of the oldest standing film set in the world. Guess what, folks? Universal Studios reportedly plan on dismantling this fragile set and demolishing its famous soundstage, Stage 28 or the so-called Phantom Stage, built in 1924.
PLEASE HELP SAVE THE PHANTOM STAGE! Sign this petition and this one, too. If you like this GIF, horror movies, film history, or culture in general, don’t delay. Add your name to the petitions and show the studio that you care about this landmark of old Hollywood.
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The first incarnation of Snow White, by Grim Natwick , which Walt Disney deemed too sexy c.1935 (she is very reminiscent of Betty Boop) 
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 Bathtub (series) - Rebecca Rusheen

"A photo exploration of water transparency" - Rebecca Rusheen

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Claudette Colbert
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Photo from the Shutterstock Everett Collection
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Caprine Capers
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